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Airport Affectionado
my favorite way to communicate is: 
Through a series of sketches and project drafts. I find communication about design smoother when there is something to look at and talk about. A simple sketch can communicate complex ideas and make direction of an idea clearer. Project drafts create instant starting points for a discussion. Immediately we can communicate what works and what doesn’t.
I am always obsessing about:
How it fits, how it feels, how it works. I have a little spatial architect inside of me that goes crazy when something just does not fit or belong on a page. I love playing with the controls until that perfect design is achieved.
what you can expect working with me: 
Professional and engaged communication and design. We can discuss what works and what doesn’t for any specific project. I am all ears when a suggestion comes forward and I’m always ready to proposal a design solution when needed. In the background I keep the project flowing, regularly sharing iterations of your projects with our internal team for feedback.
a few of my favorite things:
Rearranging Furniture. Unless it’s bolted to the floor, I’m going to move it. I keep a tape measure ready on my desk for when the moment strikes.

Movie Trailers. I don’t even need to see the full movie. If movies are like paintings, watching a stream of trailers is like fast walking through an art museum (which can be fun too).

Burritos. Nothing beats a good SF burrito. My family thinks I moved out of Santa Barbara to go to UC Berkeley, but it was really for the burritos.