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Senior Designer
Yoga Yuggernaut
my favorite way to communicate is:
Together. I thrive off of the synergistic energy that comes of working with our clients, and our internal team, as well. Our projects are a result of the greater sum of their individual parts, and that can only come by the open minded and collaborative approach we take with each client and throughout all the work we do.
I am always obsessing about:
Clean design with a straightforward message (that's clever to boot). I am lucky that I get to do what I love for a living, and I am reminded of that with each unique design challenge our clients present to us, as well as the design solutions that we all come in contact with every day. Inspiration is everywhere, and I'm always keeping that truth on top of mind, whether working on an lcp project or not.
what you can expect working with me:
Quick, clear, thorough and professional communication. I am curious by nature, and am always asking questions and confirming direction with the client to make sure we are all headed in the right direction through the clarity and mutual consensus we build together throughout the life of the project to reach our end goal efficiently, effectively and on schedule.
a few of my favorite things:
Singing! OK, OK, so maybe it's mostly in the shower and the car, or when I get a moment alone in the house, but I love it! Just another way to express creativity, and get the energy out.

Laughing! This also deserves an exclamation point – that's what laughing is all about! I'm always impressed with the sense of humor – it manifests itself it so many ways. Whether I'm getting a laugh out of you, or something nuanced brings me a little chuckle – there are so many things to laugh and smile about, and I relish in those facets of life.

Yoga. There's nothing not to love about yoga. Relaxing, rejuvenating, challenging – all on so many levels. My favorite quote about yoga: "The pose begins when you want to leave it."