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Managing Partner
Rennaissance bike nut
my favorite way to communicate is
First and foremost, by opening my ears and eyes. I will take the time to understand your needs. Artifacts, feelings and thoughts that you share become material for insight. From insight, a collaborative process of exploration is nurtured. (It's definitely much more fun when you're on the same wavelength.)
i am always obsessing about

Uh…I kinda stay away from obsession. A real concern for detail? For sure. Correct, professional grammar? Yep. And I’ll never let our company sit still. Why? Because clients are all different from one another. That's right...you don't come froma mold. We need to constantly develop interesting, unique ways to deliver visual communications solutions. In addition, what really intrigues me is the big picture stuff - the patterns, the message, consistency and presentation. There’s my sweet spot.

what you can expect working with me

Total professionalism, a healthy ego that doesn’t take critique defensively, an aversion to simplistic design solutions, good humor and an authentic personality.

a few of my favorite things

First up, family and friends. People are the matrix of my life.

Next, travelling the big, wide world. I haven’t done nearly enough of it and I’ll go just about anywhere. (Of course, the food better be kick-ass good - talk about obsessions...).

Music and visual art - Nothing finer and it allow us to express what can’t be said in words. Maybe we should keep it real and just stop speaking…