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sarah (sk2)
sarah (sk2)
Architectural Designer
sarah (sk2)
My favorite way to communicate is:
In-person or voice-to-voice convos where I have a notebook at hand, sketchnoting along the way.
I am always obsessing about:
Elegant solutions - I believe that less is more.
What you can expect working with me:
Enthusiasm! If you're excited about building better environments, I am too. I have had the Adobe Creative Suite and CAD software as extensions of my brain for more than a decade. Sometimes I may throw in "eh".
A few of my favorite things:
My passport. It's unlocked so many great adventures for me!

Duvets. The thought of crawling into a marshmallow-looking bed makes me very happy (so much so, that I've hauled my favorite once across the continent). I owe them much gratitude for helping me survive Canadian winters.

Redwoods. They're the friendliest giants I know.

Mom's cooking. If you know, you know.