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Civic Engagement Designer and Strategist
Mediocre banjoist
my favorite way to communicate is:
Listening first, then listening some more, then digesting, then acting on it. I learn the most and produce my best work when I’m not doing the talking. Empathy is the most important part of the design process for me, and I like gaining a deep understanding of my clients and their audience before I even think of putting pen to paper.
i am always obsessing about:
The balance between simplicity and complexity. I love when design or art immediately grabs anyone who experiences it - but I equally love hidden meanings, deep research, and attention to detail that takes time to appreciate. Above all, though, I love making complex ideas easy to understand. That is the power of good design - and I’ll remove or improve every word, symbol, or image on a page that isn’t critical to getting your message across.
what you can expect working with me:
An aspiring left-brain/right-brain hybrid and a good listener. Someone who understands technical ins-and-outs while geeking out on design - who can make things work, but also make them beautiful.
a few of my favorite things:
Writing music. For over half my life now it’s been the most meaningful (and most fun) way for me to express myself.

Swing dance. Started in high school and haven’t looked back. Once you get the swing bug, you’ve got it for life.

Soul food. I’m from the South. It’s not just something I like to eat, it's my lifeblood.