elsie p.
elsie p.
Official Cud Chewer
elsie p.
my favorite way to communicate is:

Mooing, until the rest of my heard comes home... I may shake the bell around my neck every once in a while, just for fun. But for basic communication, you can’t beat the moo. You think I am kidding, seriously, just try it. Mooooooooooooooo.

i am always obsessing about:

When I can eat again… But seriously. I know what branding is all about. Come on, my forefathers (and mothers) lived with the pain of being branded with those hot irons.  I know the importance of keeping us all identified as to whom we belong to. At least today, I only have to get my ears pierced. No hot branding iron for this gal…

what you can expect working with me:

You most likely wont be working directly with me, since I am usually out in the pasture, but I keep an eye on the rest of the lcp team, especially reminding them when it’s time to eat.

a few of my favorite things:

Well, let’s see, there’s alfalfa, hay, straw, good old-fashioned grass, to name a few. I like sunshine, and long walks in a green pasture with a special stud.