San Francisco Legacy Business Registry
San Francisco, CA

lcp has hired by OEWD to help facilitate a series of branding workshops to discuss how to better position historic and legacy businesses within the mindset of the typical SF resident as well as visitors and tourists. The results from these initial workshops lead to the question of what defines San Francisco. At the culmination of the project, lcp developed an infographic that presents legacy businesses as the defining character of this great city highlighting some of the unique foods and goods to buy (such as tattoo parlors and vinyl record stores in the Haight, to seafood and sourdough bread at the Wharf, to Irish Coffee). The infographic also incorporates some of the more memorable neighborhoods and experiences such as Beach Blanket Babylon that help define the unique character of this City. The graphic also lays the groundwork for how to better support these types of establishments through city-funded marketing and outreach efforts through the Business Legacy initiative.