how we do it...
At lcp we do not just perform graphic design. We consider ourselves information designers–the merger of great design and information–making it easy for the end user to get the big idea of each communication piece quickly and easily. Our designs are first and foremost about communicating messages. Our projects only truly succeed when the message is understood. A great design that compromises the message is not a menu for success, and we love coming up with new and spicy dishes that still nourish the flow of information.
brand + messaging strategy
In the beginning, man had cows. But in time, the cows all started to look the same, so in order to recognize whose cows were whose, man invented the branding iron. (And the rest is history.) Today you see branding all around you, reminding you just how important your brand really is. We are talking more than just your logo here, as there is more to your brand than simply what your logo looks like. Sure, your logo is the most direct representation of your company or your organization (and lcp can deliver a kickass logo and identity package for you,) but your real brand goes much deeper. Your brand is what your customers, your clients or your guests think about you. And we at lcp understand that, and work with you so that you better understand your brand and can develop marketing campaigns that reinforce it. Working from your great new logo, we can weave your message throughout a range of business and marketing collateral pieces to make sure that your message is well-designed and presented consistently across all media types.
marketing campaigns + collateral
Hello, my name is___________. (You can fill in the blank, here...) But I bet that wherever you go, you will run into other people with the same name, selling the same type of goods or services. So what do you do to set yourself apart? You sell yourself. (Not like that... Get your mind out of the gutter.)In addition to your company or organization, you have to market the people who make up the group, for what truly sets you apart today in this very competitive environment is what you as the people behind the company bring to the table. Who you are personally and what it’s like to work with you (the people, not the company.) At lcp, we help package these personalities into the best message for your company. Beyond just the physical brochure or direct mailer, we help you craft your message, your three-minute elevator pitch and help train your staff on how to best communicate this message to the outside world. That way, everyone from the senior leadership to the newest junior hire is on the same page when it comes to talking about your company. (Talk about marketing...)
public outreach
For many designers and builders today, public outreach is thought of as a necessary evil. Boring workshops, the same five retiree attendees each time where nothing is every decided. At lcp, we take a very different approach to public outreach, through a combination of physical workshops and online games and tools that get a larger group of stakeholders and citizens involved in the process and have fun at the same time. Our outreach process begins with a story for the process that connects the stakeholders to the project or the building, then evolves across a variety of outreach collateral from mailers and emails, to interactive maps and presentations, to online games that help the design team share their ideas and garner solid feedback and support, creating converts from challengers.
information design
Numbers, charts, and graphs, oh my! All these tiny pieces of data and information floating around on the page and in your presentation can leave your audience dumbfounded, and wishing they could understand what you are trying to say. (Or worse, wishing they were somewhere else, doing something else, except reading your graphs or listening to you speak.) You’ve got their attention, reading your report or sitting in the audience, so go ahead and wow them. And more importantly, make sure you get your point across. At lcp, we have a knack for sitting down with you and listening to what you are trying to say to your audience. We take very complex ideas and break them down into manageable bits, and decipher a way to present the information graphically such that it can stand on it’s own, even if you forget what to say.
environmental signage
Signs of the time. Where can I find room 236? How far is the bathroom from here? Who donated the funds for the new library wing? Where’s the best place to grab a bite in the neighborhood? You’ve got questions. We know how to design the answers. In the realm of environmental graphics, form truly meets function and sometimes form gets trumped. lcp has developed a series of interactive wayfinding workshops to improve user flow throughout a variety of buildings and spaces, from parks and plazas, to hospitals and airports. We work closely with our clients and our client’s architects to design comprehensive signage systems, including code-required life safety signs, general building wayfinding signs, donor signs, interpretive exhibits and displays, construction signs/barricades and digital/multi-media signage and display systems. Our successfully installed signage systems have received rave reviews in some instances, but the best feedback we have received to date is that our signage systems don’t “stand out” on their own and scream at people, but are there to keep people moving ahead...
No bells and whistles here. (Well, maybe a few small bells, but we like to keep the ringing to a minimum.) The reason you need a website is to share information about you, your organization, or your company. The design of your site is there to support your message and make sure that your viewers can find the information they need, quickly and easily. We begin all our website projects by asking a simple question: What do you wish to achieve through your website? And believe it or not, we listen to you. Sometimes we will provide professional advice to guide you along the way (and perhaps a bit of personal advice that is based entirely on our professional experience, we promise.) We will help you navigate the complex world of information architecture, responsive design and interface design. Our designs are clean and crisp, ranging from simple static portfolio sites, to highly complex, dynamic sites that are supported by back end databases.